Welcome to Abildgaard Church in Frederikshavn, Denmark

Everyone is welcome to visit Abildgaard Church. The church is open for visitors Monday-Friday 9.00-15.00.

Come and sit in the church room for prayers, visit the Church Square and read the news paper or a magazine, visit the informationcenter, enjoy the art exhibition or join us for service every Sunday at 10.30.

Christmas Services (In Danish)

Sunday December 24th, 11.00
Christmas service for children and families
Pastor: Gurli Møller Andreasen

Sunday December 24th, 13.00
Christmas service for youth and families
Pastor: Kristian Brogaard

Sunday December 24th, 15.00
Christmas service
Pastor: Gurli Møller Andreasen

Monday December 25th, 10.30
Christmas service
Pastor: Gurli Møller Andreasen

Tuesday December 26th, 10.30
Christmas service
Pastor: Kristian Brogaard

Sunday December 31st, 10.30
Christmas service
Pastor: Gurli Møller Andreasen.

When time stood still and a new was born!

In Abildgaard Church Christmas this year is celebrated under the theme “When time stood still and a new was born".

When time stood still. Occasionally we experience that a moment becomes completely special and dense; a moment when something so intense happens that it feels as if time stands still - as if the steady flow of time stops.

It may be in those moments where life's greatest pleasures and wonders take place. It may also be in the harsh moments when something changes and irreversibly happens in our lifes. Time stands still for us and this moment becomes a crucial part of our lives. In Christianity that moment is the birth of Jesus. When he was born time stood still and a new began.

Our Christian calendar begins at the time of the birth of Jesus. And that's no coincidence. In Christianity there has always been a deep awareness of that moment. His birth, his life, his death and resurrection is a crucial moment. A new time begins in which we can live with the knowledge that God has revealed His love and salvation. Time stood still and a new was born. The time in which we live.

Christmas is a time of celebration and a reason for gathering and being quiet for a while to learn that something new is born in our lives. We can go into the stable and be quiet. With Joseph and Mary we can look into the crib. With the shepards we can see the glowing heavenly army and hear their song about peace.

With these words Abildgård Church wishes our international friends a blessed Christmas.

It is a great joy and blessing for us in Abildgaard Church that we have ecclesiastical friendships with both Cambodia and Tanzania and Tornekaln Church in Latvia. At Christmas time we warmly remember our friendship with you. We wish you all the best and the blessing of God and look forward to new meetings.

To our  international friends who have visited us during the year and those living in Denmark, we send you the  warmest greetings and welcome you to Abildgaard Church - for worship or any other events.

May Christmas be a blessed time for all of you and may the message of the Savior's birth be a new beginning in your life.

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