Friendship Congregation in Cambodia


In 2001 Juanito and Beatrice Basalong from the Philippines was sent from Abildgaard Church to work for Danmission in the Southern Cambodia near the village of Preah Sdach in the Prey Veng province.

Juanito is a pastor and Beatrice is a nurse. Juanito has worked with the founding house churches and a small church. It is a joy to tell that the church now has a Cambodian pastor and an evangelist and baptisms are now performed.

It is hard for the new and small congregation to work without funding and Abildgaard Church has decided to support the congregation and its development from 2012-2017 with money raised by volunteers.

Juanito and Beatrice worked hard with the PARCE-project which focuses on

fighting poverty, increasing health and sanitation, reduction of domestic violence, development of agriculture, establishment and small locally run banks.

Juanito was assigned to the church as a teacher and he also taught at Phnom Penh Methodist School. Beatrice worked in Sunday school and with health and hygiene.

Beatrice and Juanito are now retired and has returned to the Philippines to spend more time with the family.

Abildgaard Church planes to continue the engagement in the Southern Cambodia and hope to be able to work with new missionaries there.


Several times Abildgaard Church has participated in groups travelling to Cambodia to follow the projects we have funded. Every time we have been pleasantly surprised by the visible development in the area of agriculture, church building and the work the church in village engages in. The small congregation grows steadily and more members join.

Two of the groups travelling to Cambodia were solely young people, whom with great enthusiasm has taught young Cambodians English and the basic doctrines of Christianity.

Abildgaard Church has also been happy to receive visits from Cambodia on several occasions - both from the Basalongs and two young Cambodian pastors. It has been very inspiring to hear about their work and the life of the church. We all learned a lot from the visits.