Music and Choirs in Abildgaard Church

In Abildgaard Church You find five different choirs, a church orchestra and a jazz trio. An organist and a church musician works at the church.

All year a variety of concerts, musicals, music services ect. are held. At these events many  different instrument are used, among these the organ and many different music genres are represented, from classical to rock.

The choirs in the church:

    • The Childrens Choir (Age: 8-12) and The Youth Choir
      Choir practice: Mondays at 15.15 - 18.00.
      Contact: Church musician Knud-Erik Thrane, tel. 20 68 78 15
    • The Church Choir
      Genre: Church music, classical music
      Participats at services, music services and concerts
      Contact: Organist Søren Rasmussen, tel. 22 38 56 84
    • Blue Note Choir
      Genre: Swing, gospel, pop/rock, ballads
      Choirpractice: Mondays at 19.00-21.30
      Contact: Vibeke Ankerstjerne, tel. 23 42 44 87, 
    • The Seniors Choir
      Choir practice: Fridays at 13.30-16.00
      Contact: The Church Office, tel. 98 42 32 88.


If you play an instrument or wants to sing in a choir contact us and we will help you find a choir that match your wishes.