Friendship Congregation in Tanzania


In 1993 Karen Baggesgaard and Michael Moeller Nielsen was sent from Abildgaard Church to work for Danmission in Tanzania. Untill 2001 Michael worked at Igabiro Agricultural School and Karen worked as a nurse at Rwantege Helth Clinic.

Since then Abildgaard Church has maintained the engagement in Tanzania and has supported several Danmission-projects with money raised by volunteers.

We supported the renovation of a building at the clinic in Rwantege and the establishment of a library at Igabiro Agricultural School.

The resent years we supported the Mayaja-project to fight poverty in the Northwestern part of Tanzania. Mayaja is a project started by Else Hoejvang. She workes for Danmission and has worked as a teacher and with development the school in Ntoma. 

The Mayaja-project is now finished and a new onstarted in a nearby area. It is a project based on development of agriculture, establishment of small businesses and locally run savings banks, improvement of nutricion and hygiene, family planning, household economy. 

Besides these project we support the development and the upgrading of teaching facilities at Igabiro Agricultural Shool.


Twice Abildgaard Church has arranged for youth to visit Tanzania. First time in 1999 when a group of 12 young Danes travelled to Tanzania with guide Martin Ravn Jensen. The second time in 2004 when 17 young people visited Tanzania with guide Michael Møller Nielsen.

Since then two grups of Danes from our congregation has visited our friends in Tanzania and we recieved visitors from Tanzania in Abildgaard Church.

It has been a great joy to meet brothers and sisters from the church in Tanzania, to make closer friendships and strengthen our partnership.