Kenny Gottlieb


Kenny Gottlieb

Senior parish pastor

Tel. +45 40 21 25 21
Not available on Fridays

Simon Blix Nielsen


Simon Blix Nielsen

Parish pastor and pastor with a specific responsibility for immigrants

Tel. 29 90 16 30
Not available on Mondays


One of the most important tasks of the Church is to help those in need. This includes people who need someone to talk to.

If you - or someone you know - face a difficult situation or have a problem that you would like to discuss, you are welcome to make use of one of the options to contact one of the parish pastors.

Not all counsellors are used to speaking English or another foreign language and some may take a little time to feel comfortable doing so. Others may want to direct you to a colleague whose language skills they consider to be better.

Pastors are trained in counselling. Also, they are required to respect confidentiality, which means that they must not tell anyone else about the conversations that they have with the people who come to them. You may contact one of our parish pastor or a pastor who gladly will talk to you.

The tasks of a pastor are many and to preach the Gospel and to perform Holy Communion and Baptism are main tasks.

In addition to preaching and administering the sacraments, the pastor has a broad range of tasks. These include counselling, conducting weddings and funerals, teaching, being part of the church council, visiting members of the congregation, e.g. when they are sick, cooperating with the local school on special events.

The pastors in Abildgaard Church also work as youth pastors, hospital chaplains, prison chaplains, and pastors with a specific responsibility for immigrants, the elderly or people with disabilities.

If you would like to talk to one of the pastors, please contact them on their e-mails listed above or contact the church office to make an appointment.