Welcome to Abildgaard Church in Frederikshavn, Denmark | Abildgård kirke

Welcome to Abildgaard Church in Frederikshavn, Denmark

Everyone is welcome to visit Abildgaard Church. The church is open for visitors Monday-Friday 10.00-15.00.

Come and sit in the church room for prayers, visit the Church Square and read the news paper or a magazine, visit the informationcenter, enjoy the art exhibition or join us for service every Sunday at 10.30.


How blessed the hour our Lord was born
that midnight of God’s preparing;
then light from the east announced the dawn,
and rose-red the sky was flaring,
the daystar appeared, the whole word shone,
all light in this sun now sharing.

N. F. S. Grundtvig, 1826. Transl.: Edward Broadbridge 2009.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
As the year 2019 is coming to a close, we want to thank you for another year of relations and inspiring cooperation.
We live in times of change and are often surprised by unexpected world events both within the global church and in the world at large. So much more we are admonished to listen to the words of the angel to Mary: “Do not be afraid”. May we as churches and as individuals have the courage to step into 2020 with its new challenges and opportunities.
We wish our friends in Cambodia and in Tanzania a blessed and joyous Christmas and a grace-filled new year! Thank you for the friendship between our churches and our congregations.
Warm Christmas greetings from

Abildgaard Church